Silicone Sweet Tooth

Exploring silicone casting

Silicone Sweet Tooth

Silicone candy molds for ME219

The Silicone Sweet Tooth was created for ME219: The Magic of Materials and Manufacturing to demonstrate some of the key properties of molded silicone with Katya Stavisky, Claire Vance and Taylor Uhl. As a hard candy mold, it had to be temperature resistance, flexible so that we could remove parts from undercuts and high detail because molded silicone will pick up nearly and features in the master. Our master negative mold was CNC machined, with inserts printed on a Projet HD3500 so we could include intricate details.


Our candy mold was molded in the PRL, using its silicone casting resources. Our master had features like registering pins and a narrow parting edge to enable better clamping pressure at the edge to reduce flash. After curing, the inserts were popped from the silicone part, and we reused the master mold. having the candy masters be inserts also let us print new ones on the 3D printer, and make different seasonal candies (ours were Halloween themed).

Final Result

With mold in hand, we began casting enough candies for the entire class. After an extensive amount of candy testing by Claire, we settled on a recipe that was both tasty and was relatively easy to create in quantity. This project was exceptionally suited to silicone casting, and effectively embraced the spirit of the assignment. Thanks to Dave Beach for encouraging us to think around the assignment until we found something really delicious and interesting.